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Econometrics and Economics

Economics researchers across government organizations, central banks, corporate finance, risk, and asset management rely on MATLAB for data management, analysis, modeling, forecasting, and testing.

Model and Analyze Econometric Scenarios

Economists use MATLAB and its financial and econometric toolboxes to:

Collaborate on Model Development with Peers

The reserve banks of all OECD member countries use MATLAB for economic tasks, including dynamic stochastic generalized equilibrium (DSGE) modeling, yield curve and inflation term structure estimation, and risk measurement. MATLAB provides a common language for the computational economics community in which researchers can work and share results with their peers across government organizations and academic institutions.



"By quantifying market dynamics and modeling market behavior, we can identify some very interesting opportunities. We use MATLAB to analyze millions of rows of data and rapidly test out new hypotheses. This cannot be done as easily using any other software."

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