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FPGA Radio Support from Communications System Toolbox

Design and prototype Xilinx FPGA-based software-defined radio (SDR) systems using MATLAB and Simulink.

The Xilinx® FPGA radio support package enables you to design and verify practical wireless communications systems. Using Communications System Toolbox™ in conjunction with a Xilinx FPGA board and an RF FMC card, you can design and prototype systems that process real-time wireless signals in MATLAB® and Simulink®.

The support package includes FPGA programming files that allow you to quickly transmit and receive RF signals right out of the box. Optionally, you can use HDL Coder™ to generate and download a custom bitstream to reprogram the FPGA radio.

Key Features:

  • Xilinx FPGA radio as an I/O peripheral for streaming RF signals
  • Burst mode option for high bandwidth signal acquisition
  • Configurable filters and sample rate conversion on FPGA
  • Automated workflow for customizing FPGA using HDL Coder (Xilinx ISE® Design Suite required)
  • Application examples for getting started

Supported FPGA Development Boards and RF FMC Cards: 

 Xilinx Virtex-6 ML605 BoardXilinx Spartan-6 SP605 Board
Epiq FMC-1Rx Rev B Card
Epiq FMC-1Rx Rev C Card

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