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Microchip Support from Embedded Coder

Generate code for Microchip processors.

MATLAB Coder™, Simulink Coder™, and Embedded Coder® generate ANSI/ISO C/C++ code that can be compiled and executed on Microchip® PIC® microcontrollers using MPLAB® XC, MPLAB C, or HI-TECH® C compilers and integrated development environments (IDEs). Embedded Coder lets you easily configure the code generated from MATLAB® and Simulink® algorithms to control software interfaces, optimize execution performance, and minimize memory consumption.

Microchip processor families compatible with Embedded Coder generated code include:

8-bit MCUs16-bit MCUs and DSCs32-bit MCUs
 dsPIC® DSCs 

You can also use Embedded Coder to customize the generated code specifically for Microchip PIC microcontrollers using published APIs and reference examples. For example, you can generate processor-specific (non- ANSI) optimized code and perform processor-in-the-loop (PIL) testing with execution profiling. MathWorks Consulting Services is available to assist with these customizations.

Altium Support from Embedded Coder