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engSetVisible (C)

Show or hide MATLAB engine session

C Syntax

#include "engine.h"
int engSetVisible(Engine *ep, bool value);



Engine pointer


Value to set the Visible property to. Set value to 1 to make the engine window visible, or to 0 to make it invisible.


Microsoft Windows Operating Systems Only

0 on success, and 1 otherwise.


engSetVisible makes the window for the MATLAB® engine session, ep, either visible or invisible on the Windows® desktop. You can use this function to enable or disable user interaction with the MATLAB engine session.


The following code opens engine session ep and disables its visibility.

Engine *ep;
bool vis;

ep = engOpen(NULL);
engSetVisible(ep, 0);

To determine the current visibility setting, use:

engGetVisible(ep, &vis);
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