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Send SOAP message to endpoint


response = callSoapService(endpoint,soapAction,message)


response = callSoapService(endpoint,soapAction,message) sends message, a Java® document object model (DOM), to the soapAction service at endpoint. Create message using createSoapMessage, and extract results from response using parseSoapResponse.


This example uses callSoapService in conjunction with other SOAP functions to retrieve information about books from a library database, specifically, the author's name for a given book title.

    Note:   The example does not use an actual endpoint; therefore, you cannot run it. The example only illustrates how to use the SOAP functions.

% Create the message:
message = createSoapMessage(...
{'In the Fall'},...
% Send the message to the service and get the response:
response = callSoapService(...
% Extract MATLAB data from the response
author = parseSoapResponse(response)

MATLAB® returns:

author = Kate Alvin

where author is a char class (type).

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