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Package: NET

Convert numeric MATLAB array to .NET array


arrObj = NET.convertArray(V,'arrType',[m,n])


arrObj = NET.convertArray(V,'arrType',[m,n]) converts a MATLAB array V to a .NET array. Optional value arrType is a string representing a namespace-qualified .NET array type. Use optional values m,n to convert a MATLAB vector to a two-dimensional .NET array (either 1-by-n or m-by-1). If V is a MATLAB vector and you do not specify the number of dimensions and their sizes, the output arrObj is a one-dimensional .NET array.

If you do not specify arrType, MATLAB converts the type according to the MATLAB Primitive Type Conversion Table. See Pass Primitive .NET Types.


Create a list aList of random System.Int32 integers using the System.Collections.Generic.List class, and then sort the results:

%Create array R of random integers
nInt = 5;
R = randi(100,1,nInt);
%Create .NET array A
A = NET.convertArray(R,'System.Int32');
%Put A into aList, a generic collections list
aList = NET.createGeneric(...
%Sort the values in aList

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