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Convert response string from SOAP server into MATLAB types




parseSoapResponse(response) extracts data from response a string returned by a SOAP server from the callSoapService function, and converts it to appropriate MATLAB® classes (types).


This example uses parseSoapResponse in conjunction with other SOAP functions to retrieve information about books from a library database, specifically, the author's name for a given book title.

    Note:   The example does not use an actual endpoint; therefore, you cannot run it. The example only illustrates how to use the SOAP functions.

% Create the message:
message = createSoapMessage(...
{'In the Fall'},...
% Send the message to the service and get the response:
response = callSoapService(...
% Extract MATLAB data from the response
author = parseSoapResponse(response)

MATLAB returns:

author = Kate Alvin

where author is a char class (type).

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