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Retrieve modified condition/decision coverage information from cvdata object


coverage = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object)
coverage = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object, ignore_descendants)
[coverage, description] = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object)


coverage = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object) returns modified condition/decision coverage (MCDC) results from the cvdata object cvdo for the model component specified by object.

coverage = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object, ignore_descendants) returns MCDC results for object, depending on the value of ignore_descendants.

[coverage, description] = mcdcinfo(cvdo, object) returns MCDC results and text descriptions of each condition/decision in object.

Input Arguments


cvdata object


Logical value specifying whether to ignore the coverage of descendant objects

1 — Ignore coverage of descendant objects
0 — Collect coverage for descendant objects


The object argument specifies an object in the Simulink® model or Stateflow® diagram that receives decision coverage. Valid values for object include the following:

Object SpecificationDescription


Full path to a model or block


Handle to a model or block


Handle to a Simulink API object


Stateflow ID


Handle to a Stateflow API object

{BlockPath, sfID}

Cell array with the path to a Stateflow chart or atomic subchart and the ID of an object contained in that chart or subchart

{BlockPath, sfObj}

Cell array with the path to a Stateflow chart or atomic subchart and a Stateflow object API handle contained in that chart or subchart

[BlockHandle, sfID]

Array with a handle to a Stateflow chart or atomic subchart and the ID of an object contained in that chart or subchart

Output Arguments


Two-element vector of the form [covered_outcomes total_outcomes]. coverage is empty if cvdo does not contain modified condition/decision coverage results for object. The two elements are:

covered_outcomesNumber of condition/decision outcomes satisfied for object
total_outcomesTotal number of condition/decision outcomes for object


A structure array containing the following fields:

textString denoting whether the condition/decision is associated with a block output or Stateflow transition
condition.textString describing a condition/decision or the block port to which it applies
condition.achievedLogical array indicating whether a condition case has been fully covered
condition.trueRsltString representing a condition case expression that produces a true result
condition.falseRsltString representing a condition case expression that produces a false result


Collect MCDC coverage for the slvnvdemo_cv_small_controller model and determine the percentage of MCDC coverage collected for the Logic block in the Gain subsystem:

mdl = 'slvnvdemo_cv_small_controller';
%Create test specification object
testObj = cvtest(mdl)
%Enable MCDC coverage
testObj.settings.mcdc = 1;
%Simulate model
data = cvsim(testObj)
%Retrieve MCDC results for Logic block
blk_handle = get_param([mdl, '/Gain/Logic'], 'Handle');
cov = mcdcinfo(data, blk_handle)
%Percentage of MCDC outcomes covered
percent_cov = 100 * cov(1) / cov(2)


Use the Coverage Settings dialog box to collect MCDC coverage for a model:

  1. Open the model.

  2. In the Model Editor, select Analysis > Coverage > Settings.

  3. On the Coverage tab, select Coverage for this model.

  4. Under Coverage metrics, select MCDC.

  5. On the Results and Reporting tabs, specify the output you need.

  6. Click OK to close the Coverage Settings dialog box and save your changes.

  7. Simulate the model and review the MCDC coverage results.

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