Simulink Report Generator

Key Features

  • Lets you create interactive renditions of your Simulink and Stateflow models that can be viewed in a web browser
  • Enables push-button documentation of Simulink and Stateflow models and simulation results
  • Simulates models and executes MATLAB commands within reports
  • Enables conditional documentation generation via logical template components, such as IF, THEN, ELSE, and WHILE
  • Lets you create and distribute documentation templates using customized style sheets
  • Provides extensible components and style sheets
  • Creates reports in multiple formats, including HTML, PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word, and XML

The Simulink Report Generator also creates Web views that are interactive renditions of your models viewable in a Web browser. You can navigate Web views in the same way that you navigate Simulink models. Web views can be shared with users who do not have MathWorks products installed.

The Simulink Report Generator facilitates information exchange and helps keep your documentation and specifications up to date with your design. It is closely integrated with the MATLAB Report Generator™, providing a single report-generation environment.

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