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VISION No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping

A tool for bypass rapid prototyping


  • Ability to modify fixed values or add functionality to Electronic Control Modules (ECUs)
  • Uses traditional calibration information. No need for the ECU code access, predefined code hooks or additional hardware.
  • Calibration and acquisition of Simulink model blocks and strategy data items in ECU simultaneously
  • Selection of model inputs and outputs without addresses or data types
  • Ability to record any data (time-aligned) from both ECU and real-time model
  • Support for data acquisition and calibration features of ATI VISION


VISION-RP_image xPC TargetBox integrated with ATI hardware

VISION No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping is a patented bypass rapid prototyping system, which provides the ability for a controls engineer to change previously constant values or implement control algorithms using the high-level Simulink graphical modeling language and run them in real time on the original control module hardware. In this way, new algorithms can be implemented and tested without the traditional requirement of predefined “hooks” included in ECU source code or without special hardware or expensive code changes. In addition, VISION No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping was designed with the requirement that data from external sources (analog inputs, digital inputs, etc.), base ECU RAM variables, and new algorithm RAM variables (called signals in Simulink) can be acquired at the same time and time-aligned for post analysis with one another.

Typical end users of VISION No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping are automotive control groups involved in powertrain, body, and chassis ECU software development for simulation, rapid prototyping, software, or system testing with hardware-in-the-loop. No-Hooks is available with two levels of functionality: Base No-Hooks that allows modification of normally constant values or No-Hooks OnTarget that enables the integration of bypass models with production ECU executables.

No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping seamlessly integrates VISION and MATLAB/Simulink to provide:

  • A low cost alternative for developing new functionality for to existing algorithms
  • A simulator to force conditions or states for variables during test
  • Repeatable tests by supplying recorded conditions as input to the module
  • Many other creative functions to help in development, calibration, validation or test and verification of electronic modules
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