Simulating Drivetrain Systems

You can combine SimDriveline models with Simulink control system models for dynamic simulation. The simulations can be run on your desktop (variable step) or in a real-time environment (fixed step). Every aspect of your simulation can be automated using scripts in MATLAB, including configuring the model, entering simulation settings, and arranging sets of simulations.

Maximizing Fuel Economy 1:48
Speed up the process of tuning shift schedule calibrations using optimization algorithms and parallel computing.


You can use optimization algorithms to automatically tune parameters in simulation. This approach enables you, for example, to find designs that minimize weight or minimize fuel consumption. To accelerate optimization tasks and other design studies that require many simulations, you can use Parallel Computing Toolbox to distribute your SimDriveline simulations across multiple cores or a cluster of computers.

Shorten Parameter Sweeps with Parallel Computing 3:33
Run simulations in parallel on a multicore desktop. Various shift schedules for a dual-clutch transmission are tested in multiple simulations executed simultaneously.

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