Analyzing Models

SimPowerSystems provides tools for analyzing models, visualizing simulation results, and calculating advanced block parameters, enabling you to:

  • Display steady-state voltage and currents
  • Display and modify initial state values
  • Perform load flows and machine initialization
  • Perform harmonic analysis
  • Display impedance vs. frequency measurements

The load flow computational engine computes initial currents of synchronous and asynchronous machines. You specify the desired steady-state machine conditions in your circuit, and SimPowerSystems computes the load flow. The resulting rotor position, initial currents, and internal fluxes are automatically entered into the parameters for the machines.

SimPowerSystems lets you analyze the electrical network topology and compute the equivalent state-space model of your circuit without running a simulation. You can link the state-space model to the Linear System Analysis app in Control System Toolbox to obtain time-domain and frequency-domain responses.

The SimPowerSystems FFT analysis tool.
The SimPowerSystems FFT analysis tool. The frequency spectrum of a voltage waveform is displayed, and power quality is measured by calculating total harmonic distortion.
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